Ben Savage Wants You To Eat Breakfast 

i forgot to mention that every morning first thing I’m going to do is reblog this video, I think its an important message n stuff… and if you did eat breakfast because of this video message let me know… message me what you had…

ya ben breakfast rox

09.29.14 /10:05/ 19

anyone have good strategies for not hating everything?

09.26.14 /22:18/ 4045

this song lololol r. kelly + chris brown + dirty song #dead

because last night was one of those reaaaaal shitty family argument nights and TODAY’S GONNA BE BETTERRR. gettin it like selena today WOOOOOOTTTTT ;)

09.17.14 /22:44/ 15079
Fancy ass ginger ale for boyhood 😘 (at Liberty Hall)
09.14.14 /21:00
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