Well I drew my first sketch today 😳☺️
08.27.14 /10:14

always #favemovies #thedelfonics

Friends4evr brunch 💗 (at The Roost)
08.24.14 /14:52
Thank god Henry’s is across the street from my work. Can this day be over so I can listen to r&b on my couch?  (at Henry’s Coffee Shop)
08.23.14 /17:53

Getting way too stressed out and wasting way too much phone battery trying to figure out what my red head porn star crush’s name is… Also the power is out in half my apartment and I have no idea why… Also, people are more often than not disappointing…

Heading back down the hill to my pad after showing this beau @sofersss around campus (at The University of Kansas)
08.22.14 /17:39/ 1

Over the person, but not over the feeling

Paradise Valley, BC
08.20.14 /13:32/ 1865
08.20.14 /13:28/ 7683
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08.19.14 /20:19/ 105726
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